Apple's Vision Pro Just Created an AI Goldrush

The AI Opportunity No One Noticed...

Apple's Vision Pro Just Created an AI Goldrush and No One Noticed

Apple just dropped a bombshell with their groundbreaking AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro. While it's been making waves, there's an enormous untapped opportunity that's gone unnoticed by most! 😱

As Apple mentioned in their keynote I linked to above, the Vision Pro will come with its own operating system (VisionOS) designed for a spatial user interface. If you're in the AI world, this is your wake-up call to seize the chance to contribute to the Apple ecosystem and rake in some serious cash.

Here’s the money play with Vision Pro / VisionOS

  1. Master VisionOS App Development
    Apple offers resources and documentation right on their website and you can even begin training your own AI models using Apple’s documentation so your AI can begin teaching you and assisting you with development of VisionOS Apps

  2. Become a first mover for VisionOS AI Apps
    Brace yourself for an overwhelming demand for AI integration and apps for the Vision Pro. The pioneers who jump on this bandwagon will reap massive rewards. Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of creating an entirely new AI app for a whole new medium and app store?

    Don't sweat it! Just use the API of an existing AI platform. Focus on designing an engaging user interface and connecting the API. Remember the viral sensation Lensa, that cartoon generator app? They rode the wave by harnessing Stable Diffusion's API, generating a staggering $1 million per day for weeks.

  3. Offer services or consulting to help others do the same
    If step #2 sounds like your cup of tea, great! But if you're looking for another route, consider specializing in assisting others in transforming their AI tools or ideas into stunning spatial apps for VisionOS. There will be a ton of people and companies in need of converting their apps into spatial designs for this new OS.


Ready to seize this golden opportunity?

Believe it or not, many haven't caught on yet! You've got a window of time to learn, strategize, and hit the ground running before the Vision Pro hits the market. Spread the word and share this with someone you'd love to collaborate with on building mind-blowing AI apps for the Vision Pro!

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