The Future of AI Podcasts & How You Can Profit

AI conversations | Bill Gates x Socrates

The Future of AI Podcasts & How You Can Profit

This AI-generated podcast clip between Bill Gates & famous philosopher Socrates has gone viral in recent weeks and there’s good reason.

Obviously, the image and audio isn’t 100% PERFECT, but it does do an excellent job of showing the potential this technology has as it continues to develop. As many people on Twitter pointed out, this perhaps isn’t the most valuable way to be leveraging AI technology, but curiosity and exploration is often where innovation begins.

Before we give you some concrete money-making ideas based on this creation, let’s take a look at how this viral video was actually made 👀

How It’s Made

While it’s not clear what software made the visual aspect of their conversation, there are a number of possible AI-powered platforms that could’ve been used (Many speculate the platform called D-ID was used).

The actual conversational script was generated using ChatGPT and the audio creation of their voices was generated using a text-to-voice AI software like Descript or Eleven Labs.

How You Can Profit

Inside The AI Warehouse, we like to focus on action. That’s why you’ll often find concrete ideas that you can execute on to leverage the virality and power of artificial intelligence. In this case, let’s take a look as some income ideas you could pursue related to the Bill Gates x Socrates podcast session you just watched.

  1. Offer podcasters or influencers a digital replica

    Reach out to podcasters and explain that you can create a realistic digital avatar that they can use to replace themselves in a podcast or even use as a guest for their podcast.

    In case you had any doubts on this idea…click here to see how this woman made over $71,213 in one week doing this.

  2. Create your own AI-only podcast

    There are already numerous viral AI-generated podcast episodes available online where entrepreneurs take famous people’s voices and mindsets and generate fully AI podcasts. Of course, you’ll need to be careful of whose image and likeness you use as you don’t want to end up getting shut down or sued. Consider creating your own AI personas and launching a podcast that way.

  3. Use APIs & No-Code Tools to build a Podcast Generating SaaS

    You could use no-code platforms like to build a platform that allows people to automatically generate full podcast sessions using AI all in one place instead of having to go to all these different tools. You can use available AI tool’s APIs and integrate them into your platform to handle the AI-generation part for you while you charge a premium to customers using your platform.

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